Download AlfaPad Notes Organizer 8.0

Please click on the button on the right side to download the installation file.

After downloading, please run the file alfapadsetup.exe to install the software on your system. You can run it by locating it on your hard drive, and double-clicking the name (alfapadsetup.exe).

If you're not sure where the file is located on your hard drive, it's easy to find it. Go to the Windows Start Menu (by pressing the key on the lower left of your keyboard with the Windows logo on it - it's usually located between the Ctrl and the Alt key), then press "f" for "file" and "f" for "find". In the box, type alfapadsetup.exe. Then, hit "enter" (or click the Find Now button). When the computer displays a line beginning with alfapadsetup.exe, simply double click the word alfapadsetup.exe, and the installation will begin.


Price - $39.95 USD

File Size - 6.8 MB

Works with Windows 10,

8, 7, Vista and XP

I love this program... I write stories and this is the best program I have found for it. I can't say enough about it. Audria Irene Brown